Construction Consulting and Mediation

Every construction project starts off friendly but things can, and do, go wrong. Projects are delayed, costs overrun, the workmanship isn’t what you expected, you are not getting what you thought you were going to get, and the list goes on. Tensions mount. Frustration grows. Emotions can take over on both sides. That’s where I come in.

I’ll work with you and your builder to get a quality job in a reasonable amount of time and at a reasonable cost.  In the unlikely event that we are not able to work with the contractor to complete the project to your satisfaction, I’ll help make the transition to a more capable contractor and I’ll be there with a team of experts, including legal representation, to provide additional support if necessary.

Electrical Inspections and Consulting

Electrical systems are becoming increasingly complex. Electrical deficiencies are among the most common identified during home and commercial inspections. The inspector will usually recommend further evaluation by a licensed electrician.

However, the average journeyman or master electrician is not trained to diagnose or otherwise assess many common electrical system failures and other deficiencies. I am a master electrician, have an electrical engineering degree, and have spent many years designing, building, and troubleshooting electrical systems and investigating and analyzing electrical system failures, including electrical fires.

My rates are similar to those of other electrical contractors but I am much more skilled at evaluating electrical systems than the typical electrical contractor or master electrician.

Home inspection

As one of the area’s only Certified Master Inspectors, I also provide pre-purchase and pre-sale home inspections.

Commercial and Industrial Building Inspections

Commercial clients’ needs vary from client to client and from building to building. A commercial inspection could be as basic a walk-through and verbal consultation or as complex as a complete due-diligence inspection that could include suitability, architectural, and environmental analysis. I can provide the full range of services needed. Of course, I am not an expert in every discipline. I will bring in experts where needed to meet your requirements. I will be your single point of contact for all relevant activities.





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