Needs vary from client to client, building to building, and project to project. I can provide the full range of services needed. Certain activities require subject-matter expertise. I will bring in third-party experts as needed.


  • Home Inspection, standard
    Up to 3,000 square feet, one furnace, one HVAC system, one electrical panel, up to three bathrooms, one attic, attached garage, no specialty equipment.

  • Crawlspace, home built 1994 or later, add $150

  • Crawlspace, home built before 1994, add $250

  • More than 3,000 square feet, add $75 for each additional 500 square feet

  • More than three bathrooms, add $50 for each additional bathroom

  • More than one attic, add $75 for each additional attic

  • Detached garage, standard, add $75

  • Four-Point Inspection only $285

  • Condo or apartment, interior only $325

  • Commercial or industrial inspections, specialty inspections, specialty equipment, or anything not listed above Call


  • Standard rate, portal-to-portal, $135/hour

  • More than 40 hours in a calendar month, single project or single attorney with multiple projects (each hour after 40 hours) $85/hour

  • More than 160 hours in a calendar year, single project or single attorney with multiple projects (each hour after 160 hours) $85/hour

  • Daily, with overnight stay, four days or less, $1,300/day plus expenses

  • Daily, with overnight stay, five days or more, $1,160/day plus expenses¬†

  • Depositions and court appearances, local, $175/hour (5-hour minimum)

  • Construction consultation and construction disputes, initial on-site consultation $325

  • Third-party experts, cost plus 18% management fee





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